Woman With Rare Skin Condition Gets Trolled—Overcomes Negativity And Finds True Love

It seems that in today’s world, judgments about people have become even more superficial, largely due to the prevalence of social media and the constant stream of images featuring supposedly flawless individuals.

The comments made by strangers on social media about someone’s physical appearance can create a harsh and unforgiving atmosphere, especially for those of us who don’t conform to society’s idealized image of “perfection.”

Few people understand this better than Karine de Souza. She has spent her entire life diligently protecting her skin from the sun’s harmful rays by using SPF100 sunscreen, even indoors.

At the age of three, Karine was diagnosed with Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a rare condition that makes her highly sensitive to sunlight. Even brief exposure to the sun can lead to severe sunburn, making it too risky for her to spend much time outdoors during her childhood.

“When I expose myself to the sun, I don’t feel anything immediately. However, in the future, the lesions appear and need to be removed because of cancer,” she explains.

Karine has already lost part of her lower lip and a portion of her nose due to sun damage, and she has undergone 130 surgeries to remove lesions.

Unfortunately, Karine faces more than just physical challenges. She is often subjected to verbal harassment and abuse, both in her local community and online.

Despite these hardships, Karine has found love and happiness. She met Edmilson on Facebook, and he was instantly captivated by her story and her strength. He has always stood by her side and knew she was the one he wanted to spend his life with. Accepting Karine’s three children from a previous relationship was a significant step for their relationship.

“He came and showed me that I could have a true love story,” she says.

However, when Karine shared photos of their relationship online, she encountered even more hateful comments.

“We’ve read many offensive comments, calling me a monster, deformed, a zombie,” Karine revealed.

Some commenters even suggested that Karine was a “sugar mommy” due to her wealth, implying that their relationship wasn’t genuine.

“People couldn’t believe he was with me because he really liked me,” Karine stated.

After the couple got engaged, a photographer captured some beautiful photos of them and shared them online with a touching caption. It celebrated their love and acceptance of each other despite a world that often values appearance over character.

Many people responded with praise and admiration for Karine and Edmilson. Karine hopes that others will learn from her example and embrace positivity.

“Be happy, smile, because life happens only once,” she encourages.

In an interview, her husband expressed his admiration for her strength and her ability to handle trolls without letting them affect her. That, he believes, is the perfect response to the haters.

Karine and Edmilson welcomed their daughter, Zaia, in 2023. They had been trying to have a child since 2020, so her arrival was a joyful surprise.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Karine’s optimistic outlook has helped her find the success and fulfillment she deserves.

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