Dad Kicks Son Out Of House After Young Man Excluded Him From Wedding Over Bride’s Parents

After attending college in Pennsylvania and deciding to stay rather than return to New Jersey, a man from New Jersey purchased a four-bedroom home in Pennsylvania for his son. The intention was to have a place to visit occasionally and spend quality time with their child while traveling between New Jersey and Manhattan for business, making it a worthwhile investment.

The original poster (OP) covered the house’s taxes, services, and maintenance costs, while his son was responsible for other expenses. This arrangement worked well until the son met his future bride.

While living in the Pennsylvania house, the young man met a woman, and their relationship became serious. They got engaged, and the fiancée moved into the father’s house with him. Initially, everything seemed fine when both families met and got along well. However, issues arose when the topic of the wedding came up.

To introduce both families and honor the engaged couple, a “get to know you” BBQ was hosted at the Pennsylvania residence. At first, everything appeared to be going smoothly during the BBQ.

However, after the future bride’s family spent time inside the OP’s house with his wife and daughter, the OP’s wife and daughter left the gathering looking distressed. They told the OP they were heading back to New Jersey but didn’t explain why.

The OP drove them home without asking further questions and learned what had gone wrong when they had a chance to collect themselves. The future bride’s family had expressed that they didn’t consider the OP’s family to be “their kind of people” and consequently uninvited them from the wedding.

Horrified by this, the OP contacted his son to discuss the situation. His son explained that his fiancée’s family felt that the OP’s family wasn’t up to their standards and would embarrass them at the wedding, leading to the uninviting decision.

After taking a week to cool off, the OP decided to drive from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to speak to his son in person. However, when he arrived at his Pennsylvania home, he found his future daughter-in-law and her family living there without prior notice.

When the OP attempted to explain his reason for being there, his son’s fiancée and her family instructed him to leave the house. In a fit of anger, the OP told them they had 30 days to vacate and that he would sell the house. He promptly enlisted a local realtor to list the property for sale.

The OP’s son wasn’t present during this confrontation, but his fiancée informed him about it at work. The son then called his father to inquire why he was selling the house. The OP explained that his son was living there rent-free and that he wanted to distance himself from his family, as he felt that “in-laws seem to take over and we no longer count.”

People who saw the post advised the OP to seek legal counsel and stated that he wasn’t being unreasonable. They believed he had the right to evict his son, the fiancée, and her family if they didn’t leave the house within 30 days.

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