Actress Sally Field was the love of Burt Reynolds’ life, but she refused to speak to him in his final 30 years

Burt Reynolds’ passing in 2018 resonated deeply with millions worldwide. The iconic actor succumbed to various health challenges after battling them for years.

His departure left an indelible mark, with former co-stars and friends cherishing countless memories. Among them, Sally Field, his on-and-off girlfriend, offered a particularly poignant tribute.

Despite maintaining privacy regarding their relationship over the decades, Field broke her silence following Reynolds’ passing.

Reynolds once confessed that amidst his numerous romantic dalliances, Field was his one true love. In a candid interview with Vanity Fair, he declared her as the woman he would cherish forever.

Their paths crossed on the set of “Smokey and the Bandit” in 1977. Reynolds was smitten with Field and fought to have her cast in the film, despite skepticism from filmmakers about her suitability for the role.

“He made me feel desirable, like I was everything he ever wanted,” Field revealed.

The high-profile couple shared the screen in films like “Hooper” and “The End” in 1978, portraying an image of blissful compatibility. For a time, Field basked in the happiness Reynolds brought her, feeling appreciated and alluring in his presence.

The media closely followed Burt and Sally’s tumultuous relationship, which spanned nearly five years with its on-again, off-again nature. However, in 1980, they made the painful decision to part ways. Behind the facade of their fairytale romance lay a much more complex reality.

In her memoir, “In Pieces,” Sally Field candidly revealed the extent of Burt’s control over her, describing how his stardom became a means of manipulation. She confessed to feeling entrapped in a relationship fraught with flaws from the outset.

“What could have blossomed into something beautiful and timeless instead morphed into a nightmare for me,” Field lamented.

She detailed how she lost herself in the relationship, becoming merely an extension of Burt’s desires. Despite his repeated proposals, Field sensed his lack of genuine commitment.

Following their breakup, both actors moved on, but Burt remained haunted by his regret over losing Field.

“I still ache for her,” he confessed. “I can’t fathom why I acted so foolishly. It’s a classic case of finding the perfect person and then sabotaging it.”

For over four decades, Burt harbored his remorse, while Sally chose to sever ties with him, refusing any communication even as his health declined. Speculation swirled about the cause of their breakup, with rumors suggesting infidelity on Burt’s part, leaving Sally feeling humiliated and betrayed.

In the aftermath of Burt’s passing, Field finally broke her silence, revealing a truth that would undoubtedly have pained him deeply.

Reportedly, Sally expressed, “There are moments in life that etch themselves so deeply into your memory that they endure forever. My time with Burt is one of those. He’ll remain a part of my history and my heart until my last breath. Rest in peace, Buddy.”

In 2018, the beloved actor, aged 82, purportedly passed away from a heart attack, surrounded by his family.

During an interview with NPR, Sally, now 76, provided further insights into her genuine sentiments about Burt and their relationship.

“I’ve always looked back on him with a sense of nostalgia… He played a significant role in my life, albeit for a relatively short period. We were together for about three years initially, with another two years on and off afterward. Yet, his influence on my journey as a person was immense.”

Sally also expressed relief that Burt had passed away before she published her memoir. She believed that certain passages in the book might have unsettled him.

“I’m thankful he never got the chance to read it or be questioned about it. He wouldn’t have appreciated some of the things I wrote,” she admitted. “Describing him as ‘confusing, complicated, and hurtful’ might have sparked conflict, which I wanted to avoid.”

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