Kill Bill 3 Should Still Happen (here is answer)

Quentin Tarantino’s comments about his 10th movie have cast doubts on the potential for Kill Bill 3, but that needn’t be the end of the project.

Quentin Tarantino appears to have shelved plans for a potential third installment of Kill Bill, but there’s still hope for the project under a different director. Tarantino has long maintained his intention to retire after completing ten films, considering Kill Bill as one cohesive entity split into two parts. With his filmography spanning from Reservoir Dogs to Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, he stands at nine movies, leaving room for just one more before he reaches his planned limit. While promoting his latest book, Cinema Speculation, Tarantino confirmed that his final film would be an original creation, effectively ruling out his involvement in a third Kill Bill installment. However, this doesn’t necessarily mark the end of the road for the project.

Even if Tarantino opts out, Kill Bill 3 could still see the light of day with a different director at the helm. Historically, Tarantino has collaborated with other filmmakers on projects he has written, such as Oliver Stone and Tony Scott. Additionally, he penned From Dusk Till Dawn, which was directed by his close friend Robert Rodriguez. Therefore, there remains the possibility that Tarantino could write the screenplay for a third Kill Bill film and entrust its direction to another filmmaker. Alternatively, there may be creative solutions to ensure that directing Kill Bill 3 wouldn’t exceed Tarantino’s self-imposed limit of ten films.

Quentin Tarantino Could Still Direct Kill Bill 3

If Quentin Tarantino regards Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 as a single cohesive film, then there’s a possibility for him to create a sequel without surpassing his established limit. While Kill Bill primarily revolves around The Bride’s quest for vengeance, it delves deeper into themes of family and legacy. For instance, in Kill Bill Volume 1, O-Ren Ishii witnesses her parents’ brutal deaths at a young age, shaping her character’s motivations.

Moreover, in the first installment, The Bride exacts her revenge on Vernita Green while her daughter, Nikki, remains upstairs. Tarantino hinted at a storyline in Kill Bill 3 where Nikki, now grown up, seeks retribution against The Bride and her own daughter Bebe, portrayed by Maya Hawke, for her mother’s demise. This continuation of vengeance and its consequences could be seen as an extension of the same narrative rather than a standalone film, enabling Tarantino to helm the project within his self-imposed boundaries.

Kill Bill 3’s Story Is Too Good To Ignore

The potential narrative of Kill Bill 3 is too compelling to overlook. Exploring Nikki’s pursuit of revenge against The Bride and Bebe would offer a fresh perspective on the saga, challenging audience perceptions established in the first two volumes. Tarantino has emphasized the validity of Nikki’s quest for vengeance, paralleling The Bride’s own vendetta against her assailants. Introducing Maya Hawke and Zendaya, suggested by Vivica A. Fox, as the central characters would inject new energy into the storyline, appealing to a younger demographic and enriching the film’s themes of kinship and retribution.

The groundwork laid by the Massacre at Two Pines and its enduring impact on the characters’ offspring presents a compelling narrative thread. While Tarantino has abandoned the idea of Kill Bill 3 as his final project, unlike some of his other unrealized sequel concepts, this potential continuation feels more substantial. It would be regrettable if Tarantino’s self-imposed limit on film projects ultimately prevents the realization of this promising sequel.

Tarantino Is Still The Best Choice For Kill Bill 3

While the prospect of another director helming Kill Bill 3 remains plausible, Quentin Tarantino’s complex history with adaptations of his work raises concerns. His well-known disdain for how Natural Born Killers was interpreted suggests he may guard his characters and universe closely. Thus, Tarantino still emerges as the optimal choice for both the writer and director roles in Kill Bill 3. His intimate understanding of the characters and evident enthusiasm for a third installment indicate a clear vision for the project.

Nevertheless, Tarantino faces the obstacle of his self-imposed 10-movie limit in pursuing Kill Bill 3. If he hesitates to creatively classify all three Kill Bill volumes as a single entity, an alternative approach could be presenting it as a miniseries. Tarantino’s rumored involvement with the Justified sequel series implies his openness to venturing into prestige television. A Kill Bill (or perhaps Kill Bride) miniseries centered on Nikki, the Bride, and Bebe would undoubtedly garner significant interest from streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime. This strategy would serve as a clever workaround to deliver more Tarantino to audiences while continuing the narrative of Kill Bill.

Why Kill Bill 3 Can Work Without Quentin Tarantino Directing

On the other hand, introducing a fresh directorial vision to the narrative of The Bride could offer an intriguing angle for Kill Bill 3. Given that the story predominantly revolves around female characters, with Uma Thurman in the lead role, and many of the former Deadly Vipers assassins being women, a female director taking on a Kill Bill sequel could enrich Tarantino’s fictional universe. This prospect becomes particularly appealing as the anticipated plot maintains its focus on the dynamics between mothers and daughters. In a genre often dominated by male protagonists seeking vengeance for their fathers or partners, the confrontation between two assassin’s daughters presents a compelling departure from convention.

While Quentin Tarantino’s list of favorite films from the past decade doesn’t feature many female directors, the likelihood of a female successor if he were to delegate directing duties is uncertain. Nevertheless, even if Tarantino opts out of directing Kill Bill 3, he would probably retain roles as screenwriter and producer, affording him a decisive voice in the selection of a director. Despite not directing every film he has written, Tarantino now commands considerable influence in the industry and would likely entrust the direction to someone aligned with his creative vision to avoid a scenario akin to Oliver Stone’s handling of Natural Born Killers.

Despite Quentin Tarantino’s recent remarks suggesting the improbability of a third Kill Bill installment, it’s evident that avenues still exist for him to revisit the narrative. Considering Tarantino’s involvement in co-writing the Django/Zorro comic book, Nikki’s pursuit of revenge against The Bride could potentially unfold in print. With various alternatives available for Tarantino to continue The Bride’s story, both within and beyond the directorial realm, there remains a glimmer of hope that audiences may witness a Kill Bill 3 in some capacity in the future.


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