Don’t Call The Doctor

She voiced, “Please refrain from contacting the doctor. I wish to drift into peaceful sleep, with your hand nestled in mine.”

He recounted their shared history – how their paths crossed, that inaugural kiss. Tears were absent; instead, smiles adorned their faces. Regrets found no place, supplanted by a deep sense of gratitude. Softly, she echoed, “I love you eternally!” He echoed back her sentiment, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead. She gently shut her eyes and succumbed to serene slumber, her hand cradled in his.

Truly, love holds the utmost significance, as every individual enters this world bearing naught but affection and departs, similarly, with naught but affection. Ponder this. Professions, careers, bank accounts, material possessions – these all serve merely as tools, nothing more.

All that we accumulate remains here. Thus, embrace love… Love those who genuinely reciprocate your affection. Love as if nothing else holds greater importance in your life.

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