Blood Diamond Star Gets Brutally Candid About DiCaprio’s Best Actor Nod

Djimon Hounsou, the star of “Blood Diamond,” has criticized the nomination of Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor in the film, particularly considering Hounsou’s own nomination in a supporting role.

In a reflection on “Blood Diamond,” Hounsou has highlighted the discrepancy in his Oscar nomination compared to DiCaprio’s. Despite portraying the film’s protagonist, Solomon Vandy, Hounsou was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, while DiCaprio received a nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

This decision left Hounsou feeling cheated, as he expressed to The Guardian, recalling the lack of support he received within the industry:

“I felt seriously cheated… I remember there was a time where I had no support at all: no support from my own people, no support from the media, from the industry itself. It felt like: ‘You should be happy that you’ve got nominated,’ and that’s that.”

Hounsou’s career trajectory has been affected by systemic issues within Hollywood, evident in his early typecasting as a slave character. Despite his accolades, including two Oscar nominations, Hounsou faced challenges in gaining recognition and high-profile roles in the industry. However, recent projects like “Captain Marvel” and “Shazam!” offer hope for a shift away from his initial typecasting.

As Hounsou continues to diversify his roles in major productions, such as the Marvel and DC films, there’s optimism that Hollywood will recognize his talent beyond stereotypes and provide him with opportunities that reflect his skills and contributions to the industry.

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