After watching how crabsticks are created, many were upset and vowed never to eat crabsticks again.

Consumers who enjoy crabsticks are renouncing them indefinitely upon uncovering the unsettling truth behind their production. If you were privy to the actual process, you might follow suit and swear them off as well.

There’s a well-known adage that everyone relishes sausages but prefers to remain ignorant of their creation. Understandably so, as the procedure is far from appetizing, involving grinding, blood, gore, and even offal for good measure. Nevertheless, this does not deter countless individuals from indulging in sausages every weekend, or even daily in certain regions.

Crabsticks, too, fall into the category of beloved snacks that you might want to skip learning about their journey from the sea to your plate. A recent viral video on YouTube sheds light on how crabsticks are made, and once you witness the secrets behind that particular door, you cannot easily forget them.

Once this unsettling information seeps into your mind, it becomes ingrained, making it difficult to erase. Without further delay, let’s delve into the process and expose the truth.

The process commences with meat, although it’s not crab meat as one might assume. It is actually frozen fish meat, specifically Alaskan pollock. The grey meat undergoes grinding and mixing in a blender along with other ingredients like egg whites and wheat.

This concoction is then blended once more, resulting in a paste-like substance reminiscent of building putty or clay. Has your appetite diminished yet? Well, brace yourself for the next step.

The gooey mixture is fed into a machine that forms a long strip of meaty material, which is then spun and woven together like rope to imitate the texture of crab or lobster meat. Some of this material is sold as surimi or substitute crab meat, while other portions are coated with an orange casing to mimic the appearance of crab or lobster and sold as crabsticks. Then, it gets strung out like this. Credit: YouTube/Food KIngdom

Clearly, this newfound knowledge has left many dissatisfied. One individual commented, “I will never purchase this ever again! Thank you for opening my eyes!” Another expressed, “I always thought this stuff was disgusting, now I KNOW it is.”

However, not everyone was discouraged. Another person shared, “I love adding plenty of mock crabmeat to my delicious pasta salad recipe. See, now y’all went and made me hungry!!!” Another individual stated, “To be perfectly honest, I like the product. It’s very affordable and makes a very good cold crab salad.”

So, it appears that despite the unsettling process, there are individuals who remain interested in witnessing how the sausage gets made.

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