This Is Why You Should Not Charge Your Phone Next To Your Head

Numerous research studies provide clear evidence that electromagnetic fields (EMF) originating from non-native sources, such as cell phones or Wi-Fi, exert an impact on various bodily systems and functions.

Scientific investigations have unveiled that radio frequency EMF can trigger alterations in the central nervous system, lead to cell demise, and induce oxidative stress.

Unfortunately, these technologies have not undergone thorough safety testing, especially in situations where they are used in close proximity to the human head.

It is inadvisable to charge your phone or use it near your head, particularly during sleep. Sleep represents a critical period for bodily recuperation and revitalization, which non-native EMF can disrupt.

Despite the fact that many individuals still underestimate the harm caused by EMF, we have just elucidated how utilizing a phone charger and cell phone near your head can adversely influence your body’s voltage (ideally at 0.0) and yield radio frequency measurements on the multimeter.

Opt for an adapter connected via Ethernet, charge your phone using a power bank, and utilize airplane mode. Nevertheless, the best approach would be to avoid bringing your phone into the bedroom altogether.

Appreciation to @gabrielbliss for the insightful explanation!

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