Woman’s Selfie Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons, But Can You See What’s Off About It?

A woman’s selfie has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after she posted it on social media without a second doubt.

In the photo that has been making rounds on the internet for some time now, you can see a young woman posing for a photo and showing off the butterfly tattoos on her back.

She is seen looking at the camera and smiling while holding her phone in her right hand. At the same time, she is using her left hand to hold her hair in place while showing off her inked back.

Though nothing unusual captures our attention at first glance, try focusing on the girl’s surroundings to see what all the fuss is about.

What can you see in the background of the photo? A mirror? And what does the reflection show?

After taking a closer look at the selfie, you can see what appears to be a naughty dog drinking from the toilet bowl while its owner is taking Instagrammable photos.

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