Will Reeve Remembers Late Dad Christopher Reeve on Father’s Day: He ‘Gave Me Everything’

Will Reeve, son of the late Christopher Reeve, chose Father’s Day as an opportunity to share a heartfelt tribute to his beloved father.

As an ABC News correspondent, Will took a moment on Sunday to reflect on his cherished memories of his dad. His recollections date back to his early childhood, when at just 3 years old, his father, renowned for his portrayal of Superman, faced paralysis in 1995. Tragically, Christopher passed away in 2004 when Will was merely 11 years old. The following years brought another blow when Will’s mother, Dana, succumbed to lung cancer at the tender age of 44.

In a poignant letter shared on Good Morning America, the now 29-year-old recounted a precious memory of watching an old VHS tape featuring his father hosting a National Geographic whale documentary. Despite being unable to experience such moments together, Will found solace in feeling his father’s presence while on assignment in Alaska, recreating scenes from the documentary.

“We never got to see whales together… no stereotypical father-son activities,” Will wrote. “Yet, despite not celebrating Father’s Day with him for 17 years, I honor him today with joy and a dream fulfilled. I saw whales in Alaska last night, and felt dad was with me.”

As Will matured, he gained a deeper understanding of honoring his father’s legacy, realizing it meant embracing his own identity rather than living as his father’s proxy. He found purpose in championing spinal cord injury research alongside his half-siblings, Matthew and Alexandra, and establishing the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

“In our brief time together, my dad gave me everything… When he died, I felt compelled to embody his essence, to seamlessly continue his legacy,” Will reflected.

Despite the absence of his father on Father’s Day, Will finds solace in preserving his memory and following his own path while keeping his father close to his heart.

Christopher Reeve’s commitment to his family was evident until the end, spending quality time with Will, attending his hockey game before passing away. Will has consistently honored his father’s memory, carrying forward his groundbreaking research and legacy with pride.

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