Why Men Prefer Slim Women. Number 2 Is A Little Bit Sensitive But Always True

“Why Men Prefer Slim Women. Number 2 Is A Little Sensitive But Always True”

Slim women are often considered attractive.

They possess slender legs and arms, a well-toned physique, and no visible folds. Undoubtedly, they are considered attractive. They effortlessly rock body-hugging dresses, confidently strut in high heels with perfect posture. And let’s not even talk about when they’re in lingerie…

Slim women are perceived as love agile.

Now, we’re not criticizing our plus-size queens, but let’s be honest, slim ladies tend to impress in the bedroom. They’re lighter in weight, easier to maneuver, and all that jazz. So, guys who are equally enthusiastic in bed wouldn’t want to be shortchanged. It’s almost like a Game of Thrones situation (think about it).

Slim women are generally viewed as healthy.

I know this might be surprising, considering you may know a slim girl who can’t walk three blocks and devours junk food like there’s no tomorrow. Yep, I have a friend like that too. But because they sport flat tummies, slimmer waistlines, and brisk walking that makes them look like they’re on a Victoria’s Secret runway, guys tend to assume they’re healthier than their plus-sized counterparts. (I see you rolling your eyes again).

Slim women appear to be better suited for childbirth.

Slim women are seen as healthier; it’s as if their bodies are prepared for anything. With lower fat levels, it’s believed that their wombs are stronger and can carry a fetus with fewer complications.


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