The Battle for Empowerment: Narcissists vs. Strong Women

You’ve probably heard a lot about narcissists lately. There’s this common idea that they prefer going after people who are insecure or not very confident, which might lead some strong individuals to think they’re safe. But that’s actually not the case.

Let’s clear things up a bit. Narcissism is essentially an ego thing. These folks are all about themselves, oozing confidence and a grandiose vibe.

Now, here’s the twist: narcissists might seem like they’ve got it all together, but deep down, their ego is pretty fragile. They feel a sense of entitlement, which makes you wonder, why would they be drawn to someone strong and self-assured?

Well, here are seven reasons why narcissists tend to go after strong women:

  1. Boosting Their Worthiness: When a narcissist meets a confident, strong woman, they see it as a challenge. By getting close to them, they feel like they’re proving something to themselves and others. It’s like they want to show off and say, “Look, I’m worthy of this vibrant life!”
  2. They Love a Challenge: See, narcissists view themselves as superior beings. But they also enjoy a bit of a challenge. When they set their sights on an insecure person, they don’t feel that same sense of superiority. Going after a confident, strong woman? That’s where they think they’ll find that ultimate feeling of being on top.
  3. Seeking Safety: Oddly enough, even though narcissists believe they’re these unstoppable forces, deep down, they grapple with feelings of worthlessness and powerlessness. Strong women, though, give off this sense of knowing how to handle life’s curveballs, and that makes the world feel safer for everyone, even narcissists. They’re drawn to this feeling of safety. But once they’re in, watch out—they might start sabotaging that safety without even realizing it.
  4. Wishing They Were You: Narcissists want what powerful women have – influence, smarts, inner strength, and confidence. They think that by spending time with people who possess these traits, they’ll somehow absorb that power. But when they realize it doesn’t work like that, they’ll start tearing down their partner. If you’re strong and confident, narcissists might want a piece of your life. And if they can’t have it, they might try to hurt you.
  5. Attracted to Kindness: Strong, confident women tend to be understanding and empathetic. They can handle a lot, even the manipulative tactics of narcissists. And guess what? Narcissists are pretty savvy at using that empathy and tolerance to worm their way into hearts and minds. They gain trust and then, you guessed it, tear their partners down.
  6. Jealousy Kicks In: Narcissists can get pretty jealous of confident women. They feel out of place and try to bring them down a notch.
  7. Finding Comfort in Strength: Believe it or not, narcissists are actually drawn to strong women. They use that strength to prop themselves up. But once they’ve gotten what they need, they might just up and leave. Boundaries? Not really their thing.

Remember, it’s always important to be aware of these dynamics and prioritize your own well-being. If you recognize these signs, it might be time to seek support or distance yourself from toxic relationships.

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