Sylvester Stallone gives sad update on Bruce Willis’s condition

Sylvester Stallone has provided an update on Bruce Willis’s health following the announcement earlier this year that the Die Hard actor would be “stepping away” from acting.

Willis’s family recently confirmed that he had been diagnosed with aphasia, a debilitating brain condition that affects speech comprehension and expression.

In a statement shared on social media, his family expressed gratitude for the support and explained that Willis would be taking a break from his career due to the impact of aphasia on his cognitive abilities.

Stallone, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, shared a brief update on Willis’s condition, revealing that Willis is facing significant challenges and has been out of touch. Stallone expressed sadness about the situation.

Back in March, when Willis’s diagnosis was made public, Stallone had taken to social media to send well wishes to his longtime friend, sharing photos of Willis and expressing prayers for him and his family.

Stallone and Willis have shared a close bond for years, particularly through their work together on The Expendables franchise. However, when Willis didn’t return for the third film, Stallone made a light-hearted comment about his absence, announcing Harrison Ford’s inclusion instead. Stallone clarified later that it wasn’t personal and expressed admiration for Willis as a person and actor.

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