Shirley Temple Raised 3 Kids Including Daughter Lori Whom She Saved from Deadly Addiction

Even though Shirley Temple departed in 2014, her legacy endures through her offspring. Survived by three children from two different marriages, the iconic actress began her illustrious career at the age of three, captivating audiences with her tap-dancing and singing during the Great Depression.

With her trademark dimpled smile, Temple achieved unprecedented international fame as a child star, earning adoration and grief from fans worldwide upon her passing at 85. Her publicist, Cheryl Kagan, confirmed her demise at her home in Woodside, California, triggering a wave of shock across the globe.

Among the mourners were her three children: Linda Susan, Charles Jr., and Lori, born from her marriages to John Agar and Charles Black. Temple’s determination to marry early led her to wed Army Air Corps sergeant John Agar at 17, making headlines as she aimed to be the first in her class to tie the knot; Agar was 24 at the time.

Regrettably, Argar struggled to thrive under Temple’s limelight, leading to the dissolution of their marriage four years later, just a year after the birth of their daughter, Linda Susan.

Within two months of her divorce, Temple found herself engaged to Charles Black, a resident of Hawaii at the time. They tied the knot swiftly, prompting Temple to bid farewell to her acting career and focus on building a family with her new spouse.

Their son, Charles Jr., was born in 1952, followed by their daughter, Lori, two years later. Temple and Black remained devoted to each other for 55 years until Black’s passing from complications related to a bone marrow disorder.

Despite the loss of her beloved husband, Temple found solace in her close relationship with her children. Linda Susan, her eldest, fondly reminisced about their bond in a 2018 interview, describing her as not only a mother but also a cherished friend and companion on their adventures.

Temple’s children have spoken openly about her nurturing presence and the profound impact she had on their lives. Her commitment to family extended beyond shared meals; she was actively involved in guiding her children through life’s challenges.

Temple’s dedication to her children was particularly evident in her efforts to support her youngest daughter, Lori, through her struggles with addiction in the 1980s. Temple spared no expense in facilitating Lori’s recovery, standing by her side through rehabilitation and therapy sessions.

Her legacy of love and devotion extends beyond her immediate family; her granddaughter, Teresa Caltabiano, echoed sentiments of admiration and gratitude for her late grandmother in a heartfelt tribute penned in 2021.

Temple’s enduring influence is evident in the fond memories shared by her loved ones, a testament to her enduring impact as a nurturing matriarch and beloved icon.

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