She Heard Her Mother Say, “You’re Ugly And You Have A Big Nose,” Every Day

Jennifer Aniston, renowned for her iconic portrayal in Friends, has also graced the silver screen in films such as We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses.

However, her upbringing with her mother, actress Nancy Dow, was fraught with challenges. Jennifer endured constant criticism and trauma during her childhood, leaving deep emotional scars. Raised by a single parent, Jennifer’s relationship with her mother was strained.

Her mother’s relentless criticism, particularly about her appearance, severely impacted Jennifer’s self-esteem. Despite living under the same roof, Jennifer felt she never met her mother’s standards of beauty.

Jennifer’s parents’ tumultuous marriage ended in divorce, with her choosing to remain with her mother. Her relationship with her father was strained, and her mother encouraged her to endure criticism silently.

Even when Jennifer tried to protest, her mother dismissed her concerns, reinforcing the idea of enduring criticism without resistance.

In addition to family challenges, Jennifer also faced dyslexia, a learning disability causing academic struggles.

Despite the pressures, Jennifer realized her worth after landing her first Hollywood role and undergoing cosmetic surgery. Yet, her mother continued to undermine her success, publicly criticizing her during her “Friends” fame.

In response, Jennifer cut off contact with her mother, even avoiding her wedding to Brad Pitt. They remained estranged for 15 years.

Through therapy, Jennifer came to understand her mother’s intentions were rooted in love, albeit expressed harshly. She acknowledged her mother’s desire for her to succeed and grow, despite the pain caused.

Jennifer attributed her resilience to her upbringing, recognizing her mother’s actions stemmed from love and a wish for her daughter’s best.

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