Ron Howard’s Daughter Paige Got Married — She Brought Tears to Eyes as She Danced with Dad at the Wedding

Ron Howard’s daughter, Paige Howard, has embarked on a new journey as a wife, much to the delight of her parents, Ron and Cheryl Howard. While they are proud of their daughter’s milestone, Ron’s role in the wedding was particularly noteworthy.

Renowned filmmaker Ron Howard and his wife Cheryl have been devoted parents to their four children for 47 years, including three daughters, two of whom are twins, and a son.

Among their children, Paige Howard, one of the twin daughters, has followed in her father’s and older sister’s footsteps by pursuing a career in acting.

Paige, a graduate of New York City’s Tisch School of The Arts, has appeared in films such as “The Employer” and “Adventureland,” as well as television shows like “The Astronauts” and “Medium.”

Two years ago, Paige became engaged to actor and musician Tim Abou-Nasr after three years of courtship. However, their wedding plans were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020.

Despite the postponement, Paige and Tim remained optimistic and focused on the deeper preparations for their marriage, rather than just the wedding day.

Their patience paid off in May 2022 when they finally exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony held at Central Park, New York, fulfilling their long-awaited dream.

Tim shared their joy on Instagram, describing Paige as the most beautiful bride and expressing gratitude for the memorable day.

Paige echoed her husband’s sentiments on social media, declaring their wedding day as the most beautiful of her life and expressing sheer happiness.

In a series of Instagram posts, Paige shared glimpses of their special day, including moments of love, joy, and celebration with family and friends.

Paige’s older sister, Bryce, served as a bridesmaid and expressed her joy at gaining Tim as a brother-in-law. She praised Paige’s stunning appearance and the enchanting atmosphere of the wedding.

Ron Howard played a significant role in the ceremony as the officiant, describing Paige as a radiant bride and expressing his joy in being part of such a magical day.

In honor of Father’s Day, Paige shared a touching video of her father-daughter dance at the wedding, showcasing their deep bond and love for each other.

The dance, set to “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, moved guests to tears, highlighting the special connection between Ron and Paige.

Ron expressed his gratitude for the cherished moment, emphasizing his love for his daughter and the lasting memories they created together.

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