“Restaurant Defies Outraged Customers, Refuses to Remove Controversial Door Sign”

A KFC branch in Gallipolis, Ohio, decided to display a sign on its front door with a special offer: “All uniformed police officers eat free every day, all day.”

The restaurant owner’s intention was to express gratitude for the hard work done by the local police force. This initiative gained widespread attention after a photo of the sign was shared on Facebook and received over 10,000 likes.


The KFC branch staff confirmed on Facebook that they indeed provide free meals to police officers year-round. However, not everyone was pleased with this gesture.

Some individuals believed that other emergency service workers, such as ambulance drivers and healthcare professionals, should also receive similar treatment.

In response to the negative comments, a police officer defended the special treatment for police officers, emphasizing their dedication to protecting citizens and maintaining the well-being of society.

The incident sparked a discussion about whether more restaurants should follow this example to honor the work of all individuals in law enforcement.

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