Pregnant Woman Considers Abortion after Sacrificing Family & Changing Religion for Husband

A woman who had devoted her life to service found herself devastated upon discovering unsettling messages on her husband’s phone. Sharing her story on Reddit, she revealed her Indian heritage and upbringing in Canada.

Her pursuit of education led her to the United States, where she crossed paths with her future spouse, a white man. She spoke of falling deeply in love with him, even to the extent of rebelling against her family and religious beliefs to embrace his Christian faith.

Their marriage initially appeared perfect, with a loving husband who consistently expressed his affection for her. She also had a harmonious relationship with his family, and they were eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child together. However, she began to sense that something was amiss as her husband’s behavior underwent a significant transformation.

How She Uncovered the Affair: The wife’s suspicions grew when her husband distanced himself from her despite recent celebrations for her husband’s grandmother’s birthday and the expectation of their child. Even after his return from a two-week trip, he continued to treat her coldly, causing growing concern. One day, while he was asleep on the sofa after consuming alcohol, she couldn’t resist the urge to investigate his unlocked phone.

To her shock, she stumbled upon the “kik” app, where she discovered a chat from 2019 in which her spouse was conversing with another woman. As she delved deeper into the conversation, she learned that her husband had fallen in love with this woman and had confided in her about the pregnancy. He pleaded with her to postpone their relationship until their unborn child was older, as he felt unable to leave his pregnant wife. He convinced the other woman that true love was patient and even referred to her as a potential “bonus mother.”

The most astonishing revelation was that her husband had also become pregnant with this woman, but they had decided to terminate the pregnancy because they believed it was not the right time.

Overwhelmed by this avalanche of information, the wife sought refuge with a colleague, spending the night there to process everything. She expressed, “I can’t help but feel that marrying this man and defying my family was a terrible mistake.”

Although she recognized that divorce was the logical choice, she struggled with the idea of becoming a single mother and co-parenting with a husband who had been unfaithful. She contemplated the possibility of having an abortion and reconnecting with her family and turned to Reddit for public opinion.


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