Love and Style: Blake Lively’s Photo Featuring the Dapper Ryan Reynolds

Hollywood power couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been captivating audiences since their marriage in 2012. Despite the passage of time, Blake’s admiration for her husband remains unwaveringly strong. She still finds him incredibly attractive, even after a decade since he earned the title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’

Blake recently took to her Instagram Stories to share a mesmerizing photo of Ryan. In the snapshot, 46-year-old Ryan soaks in the sunlight, donning a white T-shirt and sunglasses, while enjoying a drink. Accompanying this alluring image, Blake playfully incorporated lyrics from Right Said Fred’s hit song, ‘I’m Too Sexy,’ leaving no doubt that she still views Ryan as irresistibly appealing.

Their love story commenced on the set of ‘Green Lantern’ in 2010. It wasn’t until a year later, during a double date with others, that sparks ignited between them. Ryan humorously labeled it the “most awkward date” for their respective partners but a moment of magic for themselves.

Their wedding in September 2012, held at Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina, was a significant milestone. Regrettably, their choice of venue sparked controversy due to its association with violence against Black slaves. Ryan later admitted that it was a “giant mistake” and expressed deep remorse for not recognizing the site’s historical significance at the time.

During the same interview, Ryan revealed they had a secret second wedding at their home, although he refrained from sharing specifics. He underscored the importance of learning from errors and challenging societal norms.

Their initial wedding, exclusively featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, boasted intricate details, including a dessert table adorned with sweet delicacies, Blake’s custom-made Marchesa gown adorned with elaborate gold embroidery, and their Lorraine Schwartz wedding bands.

Blake and Ryan’s enduring love story, characterized by laughter, genuine camaraderie, and the ability to evolve together, serves as inspiration for fans worldwide. As they approach their eleventh wedding anniversary, their public displays of affection and occasional glimpses into their personal lives remind us that love and attraction can thrive over time.

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