Little Johnny comes to mommy

Little Johnny comes to mommy and says:

“Mommy, I want a dog.”

“No way!” says the mother.

“Dogs are dirty, messy, leave hair everywhere and smell!”

Johnny says again: “I want a dog!”

Mother: “I already said there won’t be any dog here. Wish anything else.”

Little Johnny thinks for a minute and then says:

“Fair enough, mom. I wanna play a mother and a father.”

Mother, thinking it kinda sounds like incest, thinks about it for a minute and then says:

“OK. One cannot hurt. We can do that, Johnny.”

Little Johnny looks at her and continues:

“Go get a bath, put on some nice clothes and wait for me in your bedroom.”

Mom does as Johnny wants and patiently waits for her son.

Suddenly little Johnny storms into the room, sees his mother laying on the bed and screams:

“What are you just lying around here, old woman? Put on some clothes! We are buying our son a dog!”

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