How Pierce Brosnan’s wife Keely Shaye saved him from his depression following the death of his wife and daughter – and why she still makes him ‘weak at the knees’

Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye boast the most enduring marriage in Hollywood, with the Bond actor openly expressing his continued admiration for his “passionate wife” despite facing harsh criticism over her changing appearance from online trolls.

The 65-year-old Irish actor, known for avoiding the spotlight, prefers intimate candlelit dinners with his 54-year-old spouse, Keely Shaye, whom he affectionately refers to as his “girl.”

Despite Keely being subjected to hurtful comments and being featured in unkind “worst bikini body” lists, Brosnan remains devoted to her, often seen enjoying leisurely bike rides and public displays of affection along the beach.

Although the couple had an extravagant wedding in 2001 and reside in an affluent neighborhood alongside multimillionaires like Kris Jenner, they lead a modest, low-key lifestyle.

Despite his portrayal of the suave James Bond, Brosnan credits Keely as his source of strength, having guided him through personal tragedies.

Their enduring relationship, which has produced two sons, Dylan, 20, and Paris, 17, sets them apart from the tumultuous relationships common in Hollywood.

Even in his return to the Mamma Mia! franchise with “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” Pierce Brosnan’s notable absence of typical Hollywood vanity is conspicuous. This trait, perhaps, explains why he has never felt compelled to pay extra attention to his female co-stars, as noted by his 677,000 Instagram followers, who appreciate his focus on sharing snapshots of his family life and adoration for his wife, Keely.

For their 25th anniversary, Pierce posted a heartfelt photo of himself and Keely gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, accompanied by the caption: “Thank you for the love, my dear, over these past 25 years and beyond.”

The couple now prioritizes spending ample time at the beach near their eco-friendly Malibu mansion, valued at £13 million. This environmentally-conscious residence, constructed from recycled wood and featuring a Zen garden with intricately carved doors and Buddha statues, reflects their commitment to environmental causes. They actively collaborate with the Natural Resources Defense Council to combat whaling and the slaughter of marine life, a shared passion that may contribute to the strength of their relationship.

Additionally, Pierce openly acknowledges his intense attraction to his wife, expressing admiration for her vitality and passion. He admits that Keely’s gaze still has the power to make him feel weak at the knees.

Even during his tenure as James Bond, Brosnan never succumbed to the allure of the glamorous Bond girls. Instead, he consistently prioritized Keely’s presence, ensuring she accompanied him to filming locations, despite her busy schedule working for NBC’s primetime show, Unsolved Mysteries, at the time of his iconic role’s inception in 1995.

“Wherever I traveled in the world, I longed for her, and I’d arrange for her to join me so we could be together. It just felt right,” he reminisces.

They graced the premieres of Golden Eye in London and New York, exuding affection with their arms wrapped around each other at high-profile events and polo matches.

Challenges Amidst Love’s Triumph Yet, the path for Hollywood’s most resilient couple hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Pierce endured the heartache of losing his first wife, Cassandra Harris, his co-star from For Your Eyes Only, to ovarian cancer in 1991. Tragically, the same cruel illness claimed the life of their daughter Charlotte in 2013.

Three years after the profound loss of his first wife, fate intervened at a beach gathering where Pierce crossed paths with Keely.

At that time, Keely pursued a career in journalism and was present to interview Cheers actor Ted Danson, who attended the same event. However, as Ted departed, Keely found herself engrossed in conversation with Pierce, sparking an immediate connection.

“He was captivating. Tall, dark, and handsome. Everything that would naturally attract anyone,” she fondly recalls. “His eyes twinkled mischievously.”

Their inaugural date unfolded in Mexico a few days later, beneath the celestial canopy, as they sat hand in hand, engrossed in conversation until the early hours of the morning.

In the ensuing years, the couple graced red carpets and Bond premieres worldwide, projecting an image of glamour and unity.

However, behind closed doors, Pierce grappled with the weight of grief, finding solace in Keely’s unwavering support.

Reflecting on their journey, Pierce disclosed to the Express in 2013 how Keely guided him through the grieving process, providing the encouragement he needed to confront his sorrow.

“Keely’s always been a source of kindness and compassion, urging me to grieve for Cassie,” he shared.

“Cassie’s on my mind constantly. Keely, I reckon, is my guiding star, forever watching over me.”

Later, he lauded Keely’s “fortitude and liveliness” for guiding him through a succession of personal trials, acknowledging that the loss of two beloved women had left him with a ‘half-empty’ perspective.

“I don’t see the glass as half full, believe me. The gloomy, brooding Irish spirit lurks by my side now and then,” he confided to Esquire.

“Watching someone you adore have their life whittled away, piece by piece, by this cruel illness, that sorrow becomes an ingrained part of your psyche.”

The Lavish £1.5 Million Wedding Their nuptials unfolded at Ballintubber Abbey in County Mayo, Ireland, in 2001, a mere six months after the arrival of their son Paris.

Amidst £100,000 worth of blossoms and a towering seven-tiered cake, Pierce arranged for helicopters to ferry the 100 guests to the abbey, where they had christened Paris just the day before.

As a surprise for Keely, Pierce orchestrated a £30,000 fireworks spectacle, reciprocated by Keely’s presentation of an intricate ice sculpture depicting Rodin’s The Kiss.

The grand affair reportedly totaled £1.5 million.

Reflecting on the occasion, Pierce remarked, “In Keely Shaye, I’ve discovered an exceptional woman. I wouldn’t find her equal, even if I scoured the earth a million times over.”

Their festivities graced the pages of Hello! Magazine, with the couple generously allocating most of their coverage earnings towards constructing a school for Tibetan children.

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