How Meghan Markle’s ex-husband Trevor Engelson got his ‘revenge’ on her – the rumors were true

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. While this marked Harry’s inaugural trip down the aisle, Meghan had been previously married to Trevor Engelson. Unfortunately, their marriage ended on a sour note.

Today, both Meghan and Trevor are in contented unions. It turns out that Trevor, once married to the Suits actress, has amassed an impressive net worth, and his current career might surprise you.

Trevor Engelson is a somewhat enigmatic figure, with little known about his personal life. However, a recent revelation from a close friend sheds light on their past and how Trevor found a unique form of “revenge” against the Duchess.

In the early stages of her promising acting career, Meghan crossed paths with her first husband, Trevor Engelson. IMDb records his birthdate as October 23, 1976, in Great Neck, Long Island, New York, where he later attended the University of Southern California’s School of Communications.

So, who is Meghan Markle’s ex-husband, Trevor Engelson? Engelson began as a production assistant in the film industry but steadily climbed the ladder to become a film producer. He has worked on numerous projects, including the 2010 film Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson. Interestingly, Meghan Markle made a cameo appearance in this movie during the early stages of her acting career.

Engelson’s involvement extends to productions such as License to Wed and All About Steve. He even served as the executive producer for six episodes of the Heathers television remake. However, his most recent success has been with the FX television series Snowfall, which concluded its sixth and final season earlier this year. He released it under his own management and production company, Underground, based in Beverly Hills, California.

As reported by Grazia, when not on set working with films and television shows, the 45-year-old manages screenwriters, novelists, actors, and film directors in Los Angeles.

Now, let’s delve into how Trevor and Meghan first crossed paths. According to The Sun, their initial encounter occurred in 2004. The couple dated for approximately seven years before tying the knot in September 2011. Their three-day wedding extravaganza unfolded at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

During this time, Meghan was one of the briefcase models on the game show Deal or No Deal. Interestingly, according to author Andrew Morton’s book, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, Trevor wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about visiting her on set.

According to Morton (via Express), Trevor’s absence on set was “unusual” compared to other husbands or friends of the models. This was due to his busy schedule as a producer, often opting out of accompanying Meghan during her breaks.

“They were driven individuals, Trevor was busy, if not more so than his girlfriend,” wrote royal biographer Andrew Morton in Meghan: A Hollywood Princess. “It was also noticeable that, unlike the boyfriends and husbands of her Deal or No Deal sisters, Trevor never visited Meghan on set.”

As Meghan’s career took off with her role in the television series Suits in 2011, she relocated to Toronto, where the show was predominantly filmed. The geographical distance created challenges for their marriage, despite attempts to stay connected through video calls. Andrew Morton observed in Meghan: A Hollywood Princess that Meghan was gradually building a new life for herself as Toronto became her home, altering the dynamics of their relationship.

In 2013, just two years after their wedding, Meghan and Trevor divorced, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Meghan’s half-brother, Thomas, mentioned to Express that Trevor had deeply admired her. An insider informed The Sun in 2017 that Trevor was devastated by the split, as Meghan’s newfound fame left her with little time for him.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton suggested that Meghan may have sent her engagement and wedding rings to Trevor as a symbol of the end of their marriage. The shift from LA to Toronto for Meghan’s career, coupled with her newfound independence and financial stability, had subtly altered their relationship.

Indeed, the dissolution of Meghan and Trevor’s marriage appears to have been quite dramatic. Meghan’s former childhood friend Nikki Priddy and author Lady Colin Campbell shared their perspectives. In the book Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, Campbell noted that Meghan began socializing with celebrities, including celebrity stylist Jessica Mulroney, after her move to Toronto. This led to Meghan distancing herself from Trevor.

“Trevor had always been laidback where she was controlled and controlling,” wrote Lady Colin Campbell. “He would arrive for appointments slightly late and disheveled, his shirt out of his trousers and maybe a spot of food on his lapel, while the perfectly contained and self-possessed Meghan was always immaculately turned out.”

After their separation in 2013, Meghan’s career continued to rise, but Trevor mostly stayed out of the spotlight, avoiding interviews and media attention. Following his split from Meghan, Trevor dated Bethenny Frenkel, known from Real Housewives of New York.

In an April 2018 interview with the Australian Kyle and Jackie O Show, Bethenny confirmed their relationship and revealed that Trevor had been married to Meghan Markle from the TV show Suits. Although some years had passed since their split, it seemed that Trevor still carried some emotions related to Meghan.

In 2017, Fox reported that Engelson was to be a co-producer on a show about a man who must share custody of his child after his ex-wife marries a British prince. The resemblance to Meghan’s situation was evident, although Deadline clarified that the lead characters were not based on Meghan or Engelson. To date, the show has not progressed beyond the pilot stage.

Shortly after his relationship with Bethenny ended, Trevor Engelson found love again. Four years after splitting from Meghan, he started dating Tracey Kurland. The couple exchanged vows on May 11, 2019, a little over a year after Harry and Meghan’s grand wedding at St George’s Chapel.

While Harry and Meghan have earned substantial sums through their Netflix deal, inheritance, and previous work, Meghan’s financial standing doesn’t quite measure up to Trevor and his wife.

Tracey Kurland’s father amassed approximately $500 million in the mortgage industry before his passing in 2021. Reports suggested that Tracey inherited around $250 million at that time.

Since their marriage, Trevor and Tracey have welcomed two daughters: Ford Grace Engelson in August 2020 and Sienna Lee Engelson in November 2021.

The end of Meghan and Trevor’s marriage was undoubtedly not the outcome they had hoped for. Although they’ve never publicly discussed the reasons for their divorce, a friend of Trevor’s, choosing to remain anonymous, recently revealed that Trevor was profoundly affected by the end of his marriage to Meghan.

However, the friend now shares that Trevor has achieved a form of “revenge”:

“For a long time, things were difficult for Trevor. He’s a good guy, but Meghan crushed him when she demanded a divorce. When she took up with Prince Harry, he was crushed all over again because he was constantly reminded of her due to the publicity surrounding the marriage and the drama of the Oprah interview. But that’s all in the past now,” the friend told the Daily Mail.

“When I saw him recently, he kept going on about how he’s the happiest he’s ever been, how he loves being a dad, and how he’s never felt more fulfilled.”

Engelson’s friend added, “Everyone in Trevor’s life knows not to

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