Gordon Ramsay Throws Whoopi Goldberg Out of His Restaurant

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay once again made waves after allegedly ejecting Whoopi Goldberg from his Las Vegas restaurant. The incident unfolded last night when Goldberg and her companions arrived at Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen eatery for dinner.

Eyewitnesses claim Ramsay’s mood was sour from the outset. He supposedly glowered at Goldberg upon her entrance and muttered something disparaging.

Upon being seated, Ramsay approached Goldberg’s party and demanded to see their IDs. When Goldberg questioned the need for identification, Ramsay retorted, “Because I don’t want any underage diners in my restaurant.”

Goldberg, aged 65, understandably took offense and requested to speak with the manager. Ramsay, however, remained obstinate.

Allegedly, he forcibly removed Goldberg from the premises, hurling obscenities throughout. Despite attempts by Goldberg’s companions to intervene, Ramsay was unyielding.

In a press statement, Ramsay defended his actions, asserting his right to refuse service to anyone. He labeled Goldberg a washed-up actress and claimed she would disrupt the restaurant’s atmosphere.

The incident has triggered widespread outrage on social media, with numerous individuals advocating for a boycott of Ramsay’s establishments. Despite Goldberg’s silence on the matter, insiders suggest she is contemplating legal recourse against Ramsay.

Meanwhile, Ramsay appears to be relishing the spotlight. He has been sharing images of himself alongside various celebrities, such as Martha Stewart and Shaquille O’Neal, accompanied by the caption “No has-beens allowed!” Whether Ramsay’s remarks are sincere or merely a ploy to generate further publicity remains unclear. Nonetheless, it is evident that his ego remains as inflated as ever.

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