Goldie Hawn Reveals Her Biggest ‘Regret’ Is Skipping Ceremony Where She Won Her Oscar

Goldie Hawn, at 78, finds herself content with her life, surrounded by her loving family including her children, grandchildren, and her partner of many years, actor Kurt Russell. Despite not officially retiring, having spent five decades in the entertainment industry, she now enjoys the luxury of being selective about her projects. While she entertains the idea of revisiting her past successes with a sequel to First Wives Club or exploring new territory with a role in a superhero movie, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood have lost some of their appeal over the years.

Reflecting on the evolution of Hollywood, Goldie expresses nostalgia for the elegance of the past, particularly lamenting the loss of reverence at events like the Academy Awards. She longs to witness a return to genuine awe and laughter, devoid of cynicism or mockery.

Despite her iconic status and acclaimed performances in beloved films like Private Benjamin, Goldie remains grounded, viewing herself as an ordinary woman from Maryland. Neither she nor Kurt Russell identify strongly with the trappings of fame, preferring to lead modest lives away from the spotlight.

Although Goldie received an Oscar nomination at the age of 25 for her role in Cactus Flower, she missed the opportunity to accept the award in person due to filming commitments in London. Recalling the bittersweet moment of learning about her win over a long-distance phone call, she expresses regret for not attending the ceremony, recognizing it as a missed opportunity.

Navigating the demands of her career while prioritizing her family has been a recurring challenge for Goldie. Despite her professional success, she yearned for a sense of normalcy and often grappled with the guilt of leaving her children to pursue her career ambitions.

However, her children, Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson, and Wyatt Russell, grew up with a deep understanding of their mother’s unwavering love and commitment to their well-being.

Today, Goldie finds solace and fulfillment in the simple joys of family life. Her children and grandchildren bring her immense pride and joy, serving as a testament to the values instilled by her and Kurt Russell. In embracing the role of a devoted mother and partner, Goldie discovers that true happiness lies in the cherished moments spent with loved ones, far removed from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

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