“Devoted to Family and Marriage: The Journey of Susan Andrews, Tucker Carlson’s Partner Since High School”

Susan Andrews, often keeping a low profile in the public eye, is primarily recognized as the spouse of news anchor Tucker Carlson. While there isn’t an abundance of publicly available information about the couple’s lives, one notable incident involved Susan narrowly escaping a potential threat when intruders attempted to enter her home, prompting her to take refuge in her pantry.

Tucker Carlson’s pursuit of education was made possible with the support of his father. His wife, Susan Andrews, also hails from a less privileged background. Their romantic journey began during their high school years when Tucker ardently courted Susan, eventually leading to a proposal.

Their wedding took place in Rhode Island during the early 1990s, with Tucker still a college senior at the time. Their honeymoon in Bermuda marked the start of their journey as a family. Susan, formerly married to a former co-host of “Fox and Friends Weekend,” chose to dedicate her life to raising their four children as a stay-at-home mother.

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson’s connection dates back to their high school days when Tucker, aged 14, was a new student at a boarding school where Susan’s father, Reverend George Andrews, served as the headmaster. While Carlson’s classmates recall him vividly, Susan remembers him warmly, describing his upbeat and cheerful demeanor even then.

Carlson, captivated by Susan, pursued her despite being a less academically accomplished student who struggled to secure college admission on his own merit. Susan’s father played a pivotal role in helping Tucker gain admission to Trinity College in Hartford. In the spring of 1991, six months before his graduation, Tucker proposed to Susan in a manner he deemed “very 19th century,” a gesture he held in high regard.

Following their marriage, the couple started a family and now has four children, with their oldest daughter, Lillie, at 27. Buckley, 25, Hopie, 23, and Dorothy follow in the birth order. Susan left her teaching job at an Episcopal school to focus on raising their children.

During challenging times, Susan Andrews stood steadfastly by her husband’s side. In 2005, Tucker Carlson launched a program called “Tucker,” which, despite an initial surge in popularity, did not maintain its success. The show’s cancellation led to a period of depression for Tucker as he worried about providing for his family.

To make ends meet, the couple had to relocate from their previous home in Alexandria, Virginia, to Madison, New Jersey, and subsequently to Washington, D.C., where they now reside with their friend Neil Patel. Throughout these transitions, Susan remained a pillar of support for Tucker.

Both Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson identify with the Anglican Communion and adhere to the Episcopal faith, with Susan playing a role in deepening Tucker’s religious commitment.

In 2018, the family faced a harrowing incident when Susan was home alone and heard aggressive pounding and yelling at the front door. Fearful of an intruder, she hid in the pantry and called the police, ensuring that none of their children were at home. The incident, however, turned out to be a protest, not an invasion.

The protesters, part of an anti-fascist group called Smash Racism, accused Tucker Carlson of promoting hatred. They chanted threats and made their presence felt, prompting Tucker to seek answers about the organizers of the demonstration. Police responded swiftly to the incident, and security around the Carlson residence was reinforced.

Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News reporter, voiced her support for Tucker Carlson’s family, condemning the frightening experience they endured.

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