Christina Applegate is Scared to ‘Take More Showers’: She Revealed the Daily Things MS Took Away from Her

Christina Applegate, a celebrated actress, has encountered numerous health hurdles, notably Multiple Sclerosis, prompting her departure from the entertainment sphere. Despite these trials, she has found steadfast support from her husband and daughter. Additionally, in 2017, she underwent a double mastectomy.

At 49, Applegate disclosed her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in August 2021. This condition compelled her to adapt her work approach and contend with physical challenges while on set. Remarkably, she learned of her illness during the filming of the final season of “Dead to Me” but continued to fulfill her role.

Managing MS symptoms, Applegate relied on a wheelchair and cane for mobility and balance. Despite her discomfort, she decided to step away from her career, expressing gratitude for her co-star Linda Cardellini.

“I probably won’t return to on-camera work, but I’m immensely grateful to have exited alongside someone who is undoubtedly the finest actress I’ve ever collaborated with, if not the finest human I’ve encountered.”

Struggling with MS, Applegate faces mobility challenges, even within her home. She has implemented lifestyle adjustments to accommodate her condition and mitigate the risk of accidents. For instance, she has designated a spot at the top of her staircase for items to be transported downstairs, reducing the likelihood of slips and falls.

Simple tasks like donning a bra present difficulties for Applegate. She lauds Kim Kardashian’s clothing line, Skims, for offering adaptive apparel tailored to individuals with mobility impairments.

Immunocompromised due to her MS, Applegate spends most days alone, watching TV from her bed. However, she occasionally relies on assistance from her family. Her daughter Sadie receives care from a friend and caregiver, and they share special moments when she accompanies her mother to school.

Recently, Christina Applegate, a luminary of Hollywood, marked a milestone as her daughter Sadie made her debut appearance on the red carpet at the 2023 Critics’ Choice Awards.

Despite her health challenges, Applegate has seldom been seen in public, but she made a poignant exception to support her daughter. Despite facing criticism, she finds solace in the unwavering support of her husband and daughter, and her indelible legacy in film and television persists, despite uncertainties about her future in the industry.

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