Antonio Banderas’ Stepdaughter Dakota Johnson Still Calls Him ‘Papi’ despite His Split with Her Mom

At the age of 35, Antonio Banderas found himself unexpectedly becoming a father to a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old. Despite the years that have passed and the significant changes in his life, he remains an integral part of their family.

Famous actor Antonio Banderas entered into marriage with a woman who had two young children, describing the experience as daunting given his lack of prior parental experience.

Antonio Banderas, a Spanish actor, met actress Melanie Griffith while they were both still married to other partners. Their relationship began while Griffith was still married to actor Don Johnson, although they officially separated in 1994.

Banderas and Griffith later tied the knot in a private ceremony in London on May 14, 1996, shortly after finalizing their respective divorces.

Reflecting on his attraction to Griffith, Banderas confessed that he had admired her long before they met, recalling his fascination upon seeing her in the film “Working Girl” in 1988.

Their romantic involvement blossomed during the filming of “Two Much,” a 1995 romantic comedy in which they both starred, coinciding with their respective marital troubles.

Navigating the transition from co-stars to partners was challenging, especially given their prior marriages. However, they realized their mutual unhappiness and eventually acknowledged their feelings for each other.

Banderas struggled initially to integrate into Griffith’s family dynamic as a stepfather to her children. However, with time and effort, he earned their trust and established a stable and lasting relationship with them.

His stepdaughter Dakota Johnson, who later found fame as an actress, acknowledges Banderas’s significant influence on her career. She fondly recalls their time together on film sets and cherishes the support and guidance he provided.

Despite the dissolution of Banderas and Griffith’s marriage in 2014, Dakota maintains a close and affectionate bond with her stepfather, expressing gratitude for his positive impact on her life and career.

Banderas continues to support Dakota in her acting endeavors, praising her talent and versatility. He remains proud of her accomplishments and optimistic about her future in the industry.

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