Angelique from ‘Dark Shadows’ Left Acting & Became a Teacher — She’s Flawless at 84 & a Doting Grandma

At 84, Lara Parker, famously known as Angelique from “Dark Shadows,” exuded timeless elegance as she posed amidst her rose-filled garden.

Reflecting on her life post-retirement from acting, Parker shared insights into her roles as a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, along with her significant career shifts.

Born Mary Lamar Rickey in 1939 in Knoxville, Tennessee, Parker rose to prominence portraying the main antagonist in the gothic-horror soap opera that aired on ABC from 1966 to 1971.

Parker’s journey into the world of “Dark Shadows” began swiftly, landing the role of Angelique merely three weeks after relocating from Wisconsin to New York with her first husband, Tom Parker, and their two children.

Recalling her audition, Parker revealed her unexpected selection for the role of the witch, Angelique, attributing it to her contrasting appearance and youthful aura.

Despite initial reservations about portraying Angelique, whom she perceived as the quintessential villainess, Parker grew to relish the complexities of her character, fueled by the audience’s fascination with Angelique’s nefarious deeds.

Following the show’s cancellation after a successful five-year run, Parker preserved its legacy through a series of “Dark Shadows” books she authored.

Transitioning to life in Los Angeles post-“Dark Shadows,” Parker ventured into Broadway productions, guest appearances in television shows, and ventured into literary pursuits, establishing her publishing company, “Old Canyon Press.”

Amidst professional endeavors, Parker navigated personal transformations, including a divorce from her first husband and subsequent marriage to Jim Hawkins, with whom she raised three children in a home atop the Santa Monica Mountains.

Parker’s familial joy was evident as she spoke fondly of her grandson, indicative of her genuine affection, a departure from the witchcraft she portrayed on screen.

In addition to family life, Parker delved into academia, earning a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and engaging in teaching and lecturing roles, alongside her prolific writing career.

Her gothic-horror novels, inspired by “Dark Shadows,” garnered widespread acclaim, reinforcing her enduring connection to the franchise.

Parker’s multifaceted career extends to her online presence, where she offers insights into acting and promotes her works, underscoring her continued engagement with the entertainment industry.

Radiating grace and poise, Parker’s recent snapshots shared by her son on social media capture the essence of a woman fulfilled in her roles as an actress, writer, and matriarch.

In her garden oasis, Parker’s ethereal beauty shines through, adorned in a green polka-dot dress amidst blooming roses, a testament to her timeless allure and enduring passion for life’s simple pleasures.



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