82-year-old “Knots Landing” star Donna Mills looks sensational while hugging her 28-year-old biracial adopted daughter!

Donna Mills made a notable return to Hollywood at the age of 82 after an absence of 18 years. The former “Knots Landing” star had spent those years raising her adopted daughter, Chloe, as a single parent.

Prior to embracing motherhood, Donna had been in a long-term relationship with Richard Holland but had chosen not to marry. Despite their commitment, they maintained separate residences in Beverly Hills and Studio City, each with its own unique amenities.

Donna’s decision to adopt Chloe came later in life, at the age of 54, following a realization that something was missing in her life. Despite facing skepticism about her age, Donna felt fully capable of being a mother and dedicated herself to raising Chloe, putting her career on hold for 18 years.

During those years, Donna was fully committed to her role as a mother, declining work opportunities that would require extended periods away from her daughter. She wanted to be present for Chloe’s upbringing and did not want to rely on a nanny to care for her child.

Despite societal norms and expectations, Donna embraced motherhood wholeheartedly, recognizing that age should not be a barrier to parenting.

She navigated the adoption process in California, which did not impose marriage requirements or upper age limits, and ultimately found Chloe, whom she immediately knew was meant to be her daughter.

As Chloe grew up, Donna ensured she had the support and resources needed to address any challenges that arose, including participating in organizations specializing in interracial adoptions. Despite occasional societal criticism, Donna remained steadfast in her commitment to Chloe and their unique family dynamic.

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