8 Realities of Being Involved with a Married Man

“8 Harsh Realities of Dating a Married Man

You’re Not His Only One:

Common sense dictates that someone willing to break their marriage vows is likely involved with other women as well, engaging in multiple affairs without hesitation.

Forever Second Best:

When you date a married man, you’ll always play second fiddle to his wife and potentially his children. Accept that you’ll never be his top priority. His family will always come first, and he’ll need to be available to them to maintain the secrecy of your affair.

A Never “Right” Relationship:

Dating a married man may offer fleeting pleasure, but it will inevitably bring complications. As time passes, your relationship will become a constant source of guilt and anxiety. You’ll always be aware of the fact that he’s married, and even in your happiest moments together, you’ll feel like you’re doing something wrong—because you are.

Lies About His Marriage:

Married men often fabricate stories about their home life to justify their affairs. He might paint his wife as cruel, unsupportive, or unwilling to be intimate. However, remember that this narrative is one-sided, and consider the emotional impact on his wife.

Replaceable and Temporary:

No matter the promises or dreams you share, your relationship with a married man is temporary, and you’re replaceable. If your affair is at risk of exposure, he’ll end it swiftly. If someone more captivating comes along, he’ll replace you without hesitation.

Responsibility for Causing Pain:

While you may argue that you aren’t responsible for his marriage, your involvement in an affair makes you complicit in the dishonesty and betrayal. Acknowledge your role in impacting people beyond yourself and accept the consequences.

Unlikely to Leave His Wife:

If you’ve envisioned a future with a married man after his divorce, it’s time for a reality check. He won’t easily leave his familial ties for you, as he’s demonstrated through his actions. You aren’t his top priority, and the motivation to uproot his life for you is lacking.

Endless Waiting:

Normal relationships progress, but affairs with married men often stagnate. Your relationship will move at his convenience, with you waiting for his availability. You may even wait for his calls or texts due to fear of his wife’s suspicions. If you’re hoping for him to leave his wife, it’s unlikely to happen.

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