12-Yr-Old Finds Perfect Forever Home With Family Who Refused To Give Up On Him.

When Dominique and Kevin Gill, residents of Nashville, Tennessee, decided to become foster parents, their primary intention wasn’t adoption.

However, in 2018, when a young boy named Andrew entered their lives, everything changed. The couple found themselves irresistibly drawn to him, even when he initially resisted their affection.

Before joining the Gills, Andrew had spent four years within the foster care system. His biological parents had lost their parental rights when he was just 6 years old, and he was the only one among five siblings who hadn’t been adopted right away. By the time he met Dominique and Kevin at the age of 10, he understandably carried a great deal of anger.

“During his initial week with us, he stayed in his room with the door closed, looking at old pictures. He didn’t want to communicate,” Dominique shared with Today. “People would read his file and be scared off. But I knew he was a good child who had been through a lot of trauma.”

One day, Andrew’s foster brother, Joc, extended an invitation to play video games. Andrew agreed, and this shared interest – along with a mutual obsession with Pop-Tarts – began to form a bond between them. Gradually, Joc’s friendship helped Andrew emerge from his protective shell. Over the next two years, he grew closer to his foster family. So, when two previous adoption attempts failed, Dominique and Kevin interpreted it as a sign.

In June, they surprised the 12-year-old by wearing matching shirts and inviting him to join their family permanently. Without hesitation, Andrew accepted!

“Our initial mindset was to assist him until he found his forever home,” Dominique reflected later. “But after the second adoption attempt failed, I realized that God had placed Andrew in our lives for a reason. God ensured that the adoption didn’t work out so he could come back to us.”

In July, Andrew officially became a member of the Gill family! While he may appear different from his parents, brother, and sister, the most important thing to them is the love they share.

“Love knows no color. (Andrew) is our son, just as Joc is our son,” Dominique emphasized. “He’s a part of us.”

What an inspiring and heartwarming story! We’re thrilled for this extraordinary family, especially Andrew, who has finally found the love and care he has always deserved. Let’s celebrate all forms of families!

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