A Husband and Wife in the Church

In the church, a husband and wife are listening to a lengthy sermon.

Eventually, the woman is worn out and goes to sleep.

The husband notices this and wakes her by poking her in the eye with his finger.

This is also the time when the priest asks a question to the crowd.

What person freed the Egyptian slaves?

Angry at being awakened, the wife yelled “GOD” at the husband.

The wife eventually nods off once more. She is once more awakened by her husband when the priest asks.

“Who sacrificed their life to atone for our sins?”.

The wife yelled, “JESUS CHRIST,” once more.

The husband’s jab startled her, making her angry.

Unsurprisingly, the wife dozes off once more as the sermon continues.

Her husband notices her again and nudges her to wake her up as the priest inquires.

Immediately following the birth of their final child, Eve said what to Adam.

If you poke me with that thing once more, I’m going to take it and snap it in half, I swear to God.

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