A Chinese man comes to Los Angeles for a holiday

A Chinese man comes to Los Angeles for a vacation.

He arrives at LAX and gets a cab to take him to his hotel.

On the way, he sees a few buses and says to the taxi driver: “The buses here are so noisy and really slow… In China, the buses are very fast!”

The taxi driver says nothing.

Later, the Chinese tourist sees a marine with a few boats sailing by.

The driver kept silent and drove.

He comments again to the driver: “The boats here are so slow… in China, the boats are very fast!”

The driver said nothing and drove.

When they get to the hotel, the Chinese tourist gets out of the taxi and asks for the meter reading.

The driver calmly tells him the price and the man is startled.

“Are you kidding?” he yells, “Your buses are so slow, the boats are so slow. If everything else here is so slow then how come the meter of your taxi is so fast?!?”

The driver gives him a smile and says: “It’s made in China.”

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